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Recent sailing....

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Tosca  Gunboat 68

Pretty much the best cruiser / racer multihull. Tosca mixes comforts with speed in a great combo. 


- Antigua Race week

- C600 - 1st in Mocra​



- France to Caribbean

- Caribbean to UK

Mana, MOD70(ex-spindrift)

Racing, training and blasting around hull flying on the almost new MOD70 Mana. Great bunch of people onboard and a cool owner who likes to have fun,



MSR 2021 - 3rd

Tre Golfi 2022 - 2nd

MSR2022 - 1st and line honors

Shockwave,Nigel Irens 63ft trimaran


Shockwave is the pimp'd Ex Paradox. Great fully carbon trimaran Paradox. Built in Lorient, France. "She's a cruising weapon but now fitted with a turbo mode with the foils and big bow sprit"



Multihull Challenge 2020

Caribbean 600 2020

Middle Sea Race 2020

Cruising / Deliveries

- LA to Caribbean via canal

- UK to Croatia via Azores

- Azores

- Croatia to Malta

Paradox,  Nigel Irens, 63ft trimaran

Captain / Skipper


Completed over 70,000nm delievies,cruising and racing since Jan 2014.

Great fully carbon trimaran Paradox. Built in Lorient, France. "She's a cruising weapon but now fitted with a turbo mode with the foils and big bow sprit".

Prepared Paradox and competed 2 Caribbean race programs and the TR15 race program 


Race Results

4th - Transpac 2019

1st - Caribbean 600 2018 (Line honours)

2nd - Caribbean 600 2015

2nd - Voiles de St Barths 2015

1st - Transatlantic Race 2015

1st - Fastnet Race 2015

1st - Middle Sea Race 2015


- USA, Panama, Carib, UK,  France 2014

- Carib, USA, UK 2015

- Mediterranean 2016

- Grenada, Grenadines, Windward, Leeward Caribbean 2016/17

- New England, Maine, Nova Scotia 2017

- Sea of Cortez, Mexico, Hawaii to Vancouver Island, Newport Oregon 2019

MOD70, Team Concise 10 and Powerplay​

Trimmer / Pit Crew

2018 Powerplay:

 - Middle Sea Race 


2016 Concise 10:

 - Round Barbados regatta January

 - RORC Myth of Malham, May

 - Morgan Cup

 - Round Ireland

 - Cowes - Dinard/St Malo

 - ële d'Ouessant Race 

MOD70, Phaedo 3


Trimmer / Pit. 


Round St Barths regatta and record. January 1st 2016 


Record 1h 5mins.

MOD70, Orion Racing


Pit, Bow and grinder onboard the 70ft trimaran in California for racing, training and deliveries.

Extreme 40, Smart Recruiters.

Rcaing on sanfrisisco bay



Electronics/Data Software specialist, Pit/Trim and helm for transpac record attempt.



US training and PR for Pacific crossing record attempt (San Fransisco and LA)


France blasting around the Mediterranean and Northern Brittany.








Vestas Sail Rocket 2​​


World record attempt Walvis bay,Namibia. 

Kiote project, Kiteboat.

Seatrials testing of a bread of kiteboats designed by George Dadd.

Vestas Sail Rocket 1.

Record attempt Walvis Bay, Namibia

SIG 45, Lebretton Yachts.

Seatrials testing of the new carbon catamaran in Italy.

Alien, 36ft catamaran rebuild.

I undertook the rebuild of a David Alan Williams designed, Green Marine built catamaran Alien alone during university.


I began work on alien during university on a mission to completely reconstruct the cross beams, solid trampoline deck and most importantly the mast support.


Unfortunately for me I am the type of person that like’s to do things myself, so I got stuck into tackling the rebuild alone. Half way through the project, mid summer, covered in carbon dust, dripping in sweat and epoxy, and with tan lines from my dust mask, I admit I thought I’d gone down the wrong route going solo.


A slightly underestimated year and six months later after some serious hard work, including lots of unexpected angle grinding, hull and center board repairs, I finally managed to raise the mast in July 2006. The big launch day came on 12th August 2006 it was amazing. 

Raider 30.

Racing in the UK.

1st place in Cowes week

2nd place in Cowes - St Malo

Windjet, Kiteboat.


Helped Richard Jenkins trial his new designed craft for breaking the water speed record in Weymouth,UK.


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