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Gosport to Majorca, Tosca

After a fruity Fastnet and pushing the boat hard we had to take her South to tuck the boat away in Mejorca for the winter.

IN true Tosca style we started the voyage on big bacon and sauage sandwiches motor sailing down the Solent!

Captain Mikey loaded the boat up with a great crew as normal with real good skills and vibes onboard.

Easy start across the Channel and into the Bay. The Biscay crossing was nice and light sea state but some big thunderstorms filled into N France and UK as we crossed. Lucky we were able to run down the middle of the lightning through the night into a clear day!

Next part of the trip. was into to building breeze downwind down Portugal coast. The compression as normal gave us 25kts plus and big waves for nice surf conditions. The bottom corner of Portugal at the TSS is always a conversion zone of both waves and wind. We opted to go in close to the corner to avoid stronger 40+kts offshore. Despite overstepping and having a fairly tight course to the corner we surfed around a little safely in 30kts and was able to cut the corner slightly of the TSS.

No ORCAS which was. great news for a lovely Gib crossing sailing in the sun.

Then some more nice sailing and ship dodging all the way to Palma.


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